Year: 2018

Producer: Joe MA, Jacqueline LIU

Director: Sunny CHAN

Starring: Francis Ng, Poon Chan Leung, Kenny Wong, Wu Tsz Tung, Nancy Wu, Jennifer Yu

Genre: Sports/Comedy



Lung, Tai, Suk-yi and William are happy-go-lucky employees of a broadband network company who muddle their way through each day at work. When massive layoffs are expected, they pledge their loyalty to the company by signing up for the newly formed dragon boat team. When they embark on their rigid training, they’re inevitably forced to face their respective mid-life crises they have been dodging. As they rekindle their long-lost fighting spirit, they begin to welcome the challenges in life.


Logline: An inspiring tale of 4 middle-aged men who rekindle their long-lost fighting spirit to deal with their respective mid-life crises when they start training for the dragon boat team at work.

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