Yanny is a gentlewomanly jocular and likes making jokes with others. The difference in her image has made her popular with many fans. With a passion for film, Yanny starred in Hong Kong drama Dreams Come True; then she had a role in Good Take - Concrete, a film directed by Derek Tsang, and later in director To Yuk-Ching’s film Twilight Online with Jessica and Aka. In the film, they play students and members of the Ghost Detective Team. Later, she starred in director Chen Peng-Chun’s Daughter with Kara Hui, a winner of movie queen for twice. In the film, Kara Hui and Yanny play a mother and daughter, and Kara Hui spoke highly of her for her great potential, with which she showed extraordinary performance in the film, so Kara Hui praised her as one of the best new performers she had ever seen in recent years.

Full Name : YANNY CHAN
Occupation : Actor
Height: 5’5”
Date of Birth : Dec 22
Horoscope : Capricorn
Education: High Diploma in Business Sales, Marketing & Advertising - HKU Space Community College
Hobbies : Acting , Movie, Drawing, Singing, Cooking, Dancing & Travel
Language : Cantonese, Mandarin, English

2016 – 曾國祥執導《Good Take / 澳門街之水泥》
2015 – 陳鵬振執導《上身》/劉定堅執導網絡電影《獵影追凶》
2014 – 杜玉貞執導 《恐怖在綫》
2013 – 葉念琛執導《第一次不是你》(客串)/羅耀輝執導《重口味》(客串)

網絡劇集《向西聞記 之 骨與慾》 (待上映)
2016 - 香港電台劇集《私隱何價2之閃婚》
2015 - 香港電台劇集《證義搜查線3之造市》
2014 - 香港電台劇集《機電夢飛翔 之洩漏》、《總有出頭天》
2013 - 香港電台劇集《證義搜查線2 - 百變大話妹》