Fish was born in Malaysia. As a major in “broadcast TV and cinema”, she is enthusiastic about acting. In July 2012, she came to Hong Kong alone for further career development. Before long, she got a chance to play one of the female leading roles in Doomsday Party, a film produced by Teddy Robin. With this film she was shortlisted for the “Best New Performer” Award at the 33rd Hong Kong Film Awards. In 2015, she was chosen as an exceptive actress in Classmates, a film directed by Luk Yee-sum. In 2017, she was once again shortlisted for the Hong Kong Film Awards and nominated for the Best Supporting Actress in film Sisterhood.

Fish laughed, saying that she had been addicted to acting and hoped to go on with her career as a film actress. In addition, with a cool appearance and unique personality, she has left a deep impression on audience and drawn attention from many clients, becoming a new favourite of many brands.

Name : Fish Liew
Occupation : Actor
Height: 5’6”
Date of Birth : 31 Mar
Horoscope : Aries
Skills : Acting, Reading, Movies,
Language : Cantonese, Mandarin, English
Education : Diploma Mass Communication ( Broadcasting TV & Film )

2018 – 歐文傑執導 《非同凡響》/趙崇基執導《中英街一號》
2017 – 徐欣羨執導《骨妹》
2015 – 陸以心執導《同班同學》
2014 – 杜玉貞執導 《恐怖在綫》
2013 – 何康執導《末日派對》

2018 –《向西聞記》之《台北的港男港女》/東方華爾街 – 第五集/香港電台劇集《我的家庭醫生3》 之
2017 – VIU TV 旅遊節目《新世紀山陰戀事》
2016 – 香港電台劇集《人間有情》 之 《孤島》、《同行者》 之 《外星人》、《好想藝術》- 主持
2015 – 香港電台劇集《賭海迷途》之《七戒》
2014 – 香港電台劇集 手語隨想曲III第五集 《那夜清晨,我架著嘈雜至無聲的綠Van》、《社企有道》、《IT行者》 第二集《唐吉》


Marie Claire LIKES Awards 2018 獲「Young Power Award」
Elle Power Award 2017