Bryant made his debut in an advertisement. With a keen interest in acting, he attended the performance training class to learn acting skills while starting his career as an actor. Then, he often appeared in different TV series and films, where he strove to play every role that he was asked to play. 2018 saw the premiere of I Miss You When I See You, a film featuring Bryant, who portrays a depressed gay in the film with superb acting skills. The same year he had a role in ViuTV’s teleplay Prequel to Psycho Detective partnering with Adam Cheng. His performance is much-anticipated. Bryant is used to doing fitness exercises and playing sports in daily life for his own health and to make good preparations for every performance.

Name : Bryant Makb Occupation : Actor
Height: 5’7”
Date of Birth : 12 Jan
Horoscope : Capricorn
Skills : Fitness, acting, football, basketball, martial arts, water sports , cycling, running
Language : Cantonese, Mandarin, English

2018 – 看見你便想念你/吉屋
2017 – 私人會所/一念無名
2016 – 失眠/鬼網
2015 – 那一天我們會飛/小姐誘心/La Couleur
2013 – 新浪微電影 夜班
2012 – 開腦儆探
2010 – 迷失

2017 – 香港電台劇集《反性傾向歧視短片》
2016 – 香港電台劇集《獅子山下》/ViuTV《三一如三》
2015 – 開腦儆探/女人多自在/獅子山下2015
2014 – 選戰/末日+5之警服
2012 – 衝呀!瘦薪兵團/天梯/雷霆掃毒
2011 – 居家兵團/天與地/點解阿SIR係阿SIR/洪拳三十二/女拳
2010 – 誘情轉駁/囧探查過界/巾幗英雄之義海豪情/公主嫁到/情越雙白線/施公奇案/蒲松齡/談情說案/女王辦公室/飛女正傳/鐵馬尋橋/秋雪怒點唐伯虎
2009 – 巴不得爸爸/蔡鍔與小鳳仙
2008 – Click入黃金屋/畢打自己人/珠光竇氣/與敵同行/千謊百計/法證先鋒/原來愛上賊
2007 – 性本善