YEAR: 2015


DIRECTOR: Luk Yee-sum


PRODUCER: Pang Ho Cheung, Subi Liang


ACTOR: KWOK Yik Sum, Fish LIEW, Koyi MAK, Gregory WONG, DaDa CHAN, Aoi SORA


LENGTH: 99Mins



Tracy (KWOK Yik Sum) and Chloe (Koyi MAK) have been best friends since they were eight years old, while Alice befriended them after a bullying incident. Since then, the trio have become close friends and share their lives under the same roof during the summer holidays. Chloe and Alice (Fish LIEW) work as “part-time girlfriends” who make money by sleeping with guys. The practice creates an extra intimacy between Chloe and Alice, as well as causing Tracy to be jealous. In order to win back Chloe, Tracy joins the practice, though she hates it.

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